Carports Pretoria has tailored solutions for customising quality steel carports in Pretoria of premium quality that provide the best protection for your vehicle or Caravan. Carports Pretoria has more than a decade’s commercial and residential construction experience, our team of experts will achieve the level of quality and service excellence you require. Steel carports Pretoria are popular as they require very little maintenance and are the best value for money option in the long run. We also offer quality galvanized (IBR or Corrugated iron) or Chromodec corrugated roofs with our custom carport designs. Carports Pretoria has a variety of steel carport designs and galvanized or chromadek roofs.

Our tailored designs include:

  • Single, double and custom steel carports sizes
  • Pitched or flat galvanized (IBR or Corrugated iron) or Chromodec corrugated roofs
  • Residential and Commercial Carports
  • Standard flat roofs
  • Standard flat nose to nose
  • Facia single flat
  • Nose to nose tapered beam flat roof

Cantilever Designs

  • Flat cantilever steel roof
  • Cantilever facia steel roof
  • Cantilever nose to nose steel roof
  • Custom designed quality steel carports

Carports are the best alternative to a garage for these reasons:

  • Provide more ventilation
  • Occupy less space
  • Readily expandable
  • Cost less
  • Easily maintained
  • Neat
  • Durable
  • Provides protection

Permanent Carport, Patio Structures – are made from metal (Galvanized, colour coded Steel) building components for a reason. They are structurally engineered for use in a building designed to meet existing building code requirements. Any permanent structure can be attached to most existing structures or can be a standalone structure and must be anchored by concrete into the ground. Permanent structures are safer, sturdier and longer lasting over time and during harsh weather conditions. Each structure system must consist of a frame system and its pole members a well as its top covering and its related trim and accessories.

Structured Steel Carport and Patios –
Lip channel Beams & Purlins – Structural Steel comes in various sizes, shapes, and can be fabricated into several different styles to fit any type of configuration and design. Various sizes and lengths of steel are used for different open spans requirements.

The structural steel is available in a GALVANIZED Coated Finish that’s colour coded to your requirements. Various designs, styles and roof designs can be constructed using various metal building materials. Different size gauges and thicknesses are available depending on the required structure size and shapes.

Structured Steel – Cee & I beams are available in various gauges and thickness depending on the open spans of the structure. Standard building codes do require larger beams used for larger open spans.