Steel fence Pretoria install custom-made fencing, palisade panels and gates providing an excellent defence against crime syndicates intruders gaining entry to your residence. Our Steel Fencing including posts, is hot dip galvanised and custom-made to your individual requirements. Various designs and colours are available to choose from.

Ask us about Steel fencing, Panels, Drive-way Gates or any other form of fencing you may be considering. We manufacture to order based on your individual requirements and needs. (This includes posts, which can be made to size, and sunken in concrete where applicable).

Palisade fence Pretoria Uses

The crime rate is ever on the increase in the world of today. As a result, people are now doing everything they can to protect their homes as well as other possessions they have like businesses. One of the common types of security fences seen today is the palisade fencing. From partial or full installation, the benefits of palisade fencing are numerous. If you’ve never given it a thought, it’s important for you to know the benefits of these fences so as to help you decide on whether you want to install them on your home or property. Here are the benefits

Demarcation – Palisade fence form an adequate boundary informing those around you where common public ground ends and where your private property begins.

Security – When you install palisade fencing either at home or at another property, you make potential intruders have reduced temptations whenever they’re thinking of getting in. In turn, the family will feel more protected. It also ensures that there’s a barrier between your home and any potential harm or threat. This type of fencing also enables you to have a view of whatever is happening away from your boundary wall. This way, you’re able to instantly notice if an individual is trying to gain access to your home or property.

Durability – The materials used for making palisade fences have to be those that are approved by the relevant authorities. Hence, you can be sure that the materials used for installing your fence are of very high quality. If it’s properly finished off, it will stay longer and stronger than you expect it to. They can either be epoxy coated or galvanized. Either way, you’ll end up with a very durable type of fencing. These fences can also be protected from rusting. In general, palisade fencing usually has very long lifespans making them highly durable.

Aesthetics – Palisade fence is pleasing on the eye and fits in well with garden, home and surroundings.

They’re easy to maintain – Apart from checking for loose screws and bolts, there’s not much that goes into the maintenance of the palisade fencing. In contrast, other fencing options like boundary walls will require a great deal of maintenance as they’ll often develop cracks. Regular maintenance for such kind of walls is very necessary which makes them difficult to manage.

Quick to install – As opposed to constructing a boundary wall, installing palisade fencing has a quicker turnaround time. All you need to have is the permission of your neighbours to be able to begin installing the fence. Permission to install a boundary is, however, going to require you to go through a long process to get the approval to commence the work.